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Diwali – The festival that turn darkness into light.


12/10/2023 (SUNDAY)

Diwali is the emperor of all festivals of lights

Festivals have great importance in India. These festivals falling in Chausa or Chaturmas are completed with more worship and prayers. All festivals have their own special things and religious beliefs according to which people of every religion and caste celebrate it. Among these festivals there are special festivals

Everyone celebrates this festival of Diwali according to their beliefs. These festivals have special importance in the economic condition of the country. These days the market environment increases which leads to movement of money which leads to economic development. The money comes out of the coffers and is used for personal and public development. Thus, festivals are important not only from the point of view of happiness but also from the point of view of economic development.

In the word Diwali itself, its meaning is ‘Awali of lamps’ i.e. garland of glowing lamps. Festival of lights which signals us to move away from darkness towards light. Goddess of wealth Lakshmi is worshiped on this day. This festival is the New Year day for traders. On this day all businessmen change their accounts.

This is one of the major festivals of India. The more excitement there is in this festival, the more the business increases. The main purpose of festivals is to bring happiness but festivals are also important from business point of view. These days there is enthusiasm in marketing due to which every small and big businessman gets a business opportunity. The small businessman depends on these days only for his livelihood throughout the year. This is the reason why the citizens of the country are requested to use indigenous goods in the festival. This increases business. The country’s money stays in the country and cottage industries earn profits, this strengthens the country’s economic system.

Importance of diwali

Diwali is a festival of lights which teaches us that happiness and sorrow always come in a person’s life but they do not last, hence man should keep moving forward in the direction of time. One should neither be broken by sorrow nor boast of happiness. The importance of Diwali is hidden in its mythological stories, how despite being the form of God, Ram, Lakshman and Sita had to suffer hardships in life because its main objective was to give the message of good deeds in life to the public and also to fight against evils like Ravana. To save the knowledgeable but arrogant person. The character of Ram whose character is described behind this festival is the basis of human life and the character of Ravana also teaches man that no matter how knowledgeable someone is, if he sleeps on the bed of pride, his end is certain. In this way, this festival of lights signals man to move from darkness to light.

Story of diwali

Why is Goddess Lakshmi worshiped on Diwali?

According to mythology, the demon king Bali had taken Goddess Lakshmi and many other goddesses hostage with the help of his bravery. For many days, all of them were hostages of King Bali, after which on the new moon day of Kartik month, Lord Vishnu freed all the gods and goddesses and Goddess Lakshmi. Leaving from there, all the Gods and Goddesses and Goddess Lakshmi reached Kshirsagar and fell into deep sleep. Therefore, it is said in the Puranas that during the Diwali festival, there should be cleanliness in the houses, so that Goddess Lakshmi does not go to Kshirsagar on that day and sleeps in the houses of the devotees. Where God resides, there is no poverty and that is where wealth comes and in today’s time, another name for happiness is wealth.

Another story is told in this context

King Bali decided to perform Ashwamedha Yagya to establish his dominance over the three worlds, due to which all the gods got upset and went to seek help from Lord Vishnu. Then Lord Vishnu took Vaman incarnation and approached King Bali with the desire of alms. King Bali said, I promise to give you whatever you want. Vaman Dev said, I need three steps of land. King Bali donated. Lord Vaman, assuming his huge form, measured the earth in one step, the heaven in the second and asked where to take the third step. Then Bali said, place your third step on my head. Seeing the charity of King Bali, God was pleased and asked him to ask for a boon. Then King Bali said that he wants to dominate all the three worlds for the next three days and during these three days, there should be celebrations everywhere and Goddess Lakshmi should be worshiped and Goddess Lakshmi should reside in the homes of her devotees for these three days.​

Thus, from that day onwards this festival of Diwali is celebrated every year, hence the importance of worshiping Goddess Lakshmi is found in the Puranas.

Why is Diwali called the festival of lights?​

Due to the stubbornness of Mother Kaikai, Lord Ram, Goddess Sita and brother Lakshman had to go into exile for fourteen years. During that time, Lankan husband Ravana kidnapped Goddess Sita. Tied in his Ashok Vatika. Lord Rama fought with Ravana. He took Goddess Sita back with him to Ayodhya with respect. In this way, after fourteen years of facing many difficulties in his life in exile, he reached his city Ayodhya. That day was the dark night of Amavasya. To dispel that darkness, all the people lit lamps and welcomed their King Ram, Queen Sita and Lakshman.​

Thus it is called the festival of lights.​

There are many difficulties and sorrows in human life, out of which he has to move forward on the path of duty. This festival of Diwali gives the message that life is surrounded by happiness and sorrow, but both of them do not last throughout life but keep coming and going, hence man should accept it firmly and keep moving forward.​

When is Diwali celebrated​

Diwali is celebrated on the new moon day of Ashwin month. This is a festival of five days. Diwali has the most importance among Hindu festivals.​

When is Diwali in 2023

Diwali in 2023 is on 12th November, if we talk about the puja time then puja should be done during Pradoshkaal. It is said that one who properly pleases Goddess Lakshmi on the day of Diwali, there is never any shortage of money and food in his house. If you also want to make your future better, then worship Goddess Lakshmi at your home in the right way on Diwali 2023. We have explained the method in this article.​

Diwali puja method​

The importance of worshiping Goddess Lakshmi becomes evident during Diwali. Goddess Lakshmi resides only in clean places, hence the celebration of Diwali should start with cleaning the house:

If you are doing puja at home with family members without a pandit, then you can only chant this Lakshmi Mantra:

ऊं श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं महालक्ष्म्यै नम: ॥

Lakshmi puja method​

  1. Select a clean place suitable for worship or the temple place of the house, if it is in the north-east corner then it is considered to be the best place.
  2. Purify the place and spread the sacred ash.
  3. First of all, keep the idol or latest picture of Goddess Lakshmi at the place of worship.
  4. Collect all the materials for puja like lotus flower, abeer, gulal, kumkum, vermillion, kalash, coconut, akshat, naivedya, lamp, panchamrit, water, Ganga water etc.
  5. First of all worship Lord Ganesha and the Kalash.
  6. Distill Goddess Lakshmi on lotus flower.
  7. Invoke Goddess Lakshmi.
  8. Cleanse with water. Wash the feet of Goddess Lakshmi with water.
  9. Purify with Panchamrit. Take bath with rose water and Ganga water. Cleanse with clean water.
  10. Offer clothes.
  11. Offer jewellery.
  12. It is better to offer sandalwood, vermilion, kumkum, abeer, gulal, perfume, intact rice and flowers including lotus and rose.
  13. After worshiping Goddess Lakshmi, also worship the safe of the house, shop floor and dining room etc.
  14. Light the lamp after puja.
  15. Offer the offerings.
  16. Offer water to the lamp and naivedya by taking water in a fire bowl and rotating it around three times.
  17. After this, perform Aarti with all the family members.
  18. Touch the feet of God and seek blessings. Ask for forgiveness for your mistakes. Say your wish.
  19. After puja and aarti, take blessings of all the elders of the house.
  20. Give prasad to everyone.

In this way, worship Diwali with your family members. On the day of Diwali, many people also get Satyanarayan Katha recited in their homes.

In the present times, the form of all the festivals is changing. Due to busy times and modernity, the form of festivals is changing. In this way, many advantages and disadvantages of every festival have also started coming to light.

Auspicious benefits of Diwali​

  • Diwali is considered a big festival. It has great importance in Hindu families, that is why the entire family celebrates this festival together. For this reason, family members who have gone away due to job or studies come home for the festival. This reduces the increasing distances.
  • Mental stress is increasing among people due to job, study and many personal problems, in such a situation, festivals like Diwali always leave a positive impact.
  • There is a boom in business. Along with big businessmen, small businesses also grow fast and these small businessmen are able to earn the entire year’s income only during these festival days. That is why it is said that instead of buying Chinese goods during Diwali, one should buy indigenous goods from these small traders. With this, the country’s money stays in the country and the livelihood of poor families increases. Earthen lamps should be taken.
  • The best traditions are cleanliness. Cleaning has great importance during Diwali. With this, the year’s worth of household waste comes out of the house. Along with cleaning the houses, garbage and other items come out of the houses for recycling. This also cures diseases.
  • Due to Diwali, mutual interaction increases and this brings unity in the society.

Disadvantages of Diwali:​

  • Long holidays are given during Diwali, it has a negative impact.
  • In today’s time, worship and faith have been replaced by ostentation due to which unnecessary expenses are incurred and misuse of valuable things like electricity and water has increased.
  • Disagreements arise between families due to wasteful expenditure because everyone has different thinking.
  • The tradition of burning firecrackers is increasing due to which expenditure and ostentation are increasing but most of all pollution and accidents have increased.
  • The fashion of lighting other than lamps is increasing in every house. There is also loss of oil and electricity due to burning of lamps more than required.
  • Health is deteriorating due to excessive cooking.
Thus, every festival has many advantages and disadvantages too. If there is excess of anything then it only causes harm. In today’s time, we all are educated, we should celebrate every festival with simplicity, this does not mean that we should stop celebrating festivals because along with love, festivals help in increasing the economic level of the country. Generally, festivals have been created in every religion keeping in mind the two points of unity and economic development. Read the importance, advantages and disadvantages of Diwali in detail here.
Thus, we all should celebrate the festival of Diwali with joy and within limits.

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