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Jul 07 2012

Trying out Campfire Grills

Filed under Outdoor Program

Some of you are aware that I work in my local council training adult leaders in advanced outdoor skills. One of the coolest things we do is teach some cool outdoor cooking skills. I have been trying out some products from campfire grill company. they are great, and would make fantastic additions to your unit’s [...]

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Oct 20 2011

Patches On or Patches Off

There is an age-old question that once again has been raised within the Scouting Memorabilia hobby. The question is whether a collector piece is more valuable as a whole, than as the sum of its parts. Recently, several antique patch blankets have sold on the auction sites and discussion among collectors has been fierce. Some [...]

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Oct 19 2011

When “Collector” Issues Go Bad

I confess, I’m as guilty as the next guy. For years, I have been making fun of the immediate run up in pricing of Scouting memorabilia after (or sometimes during) events. I have tried to avoid the hype surrounding certain Jamboree Shoulder Patches (JSP’s), NOAC Flaps, Two-part patches, and other “Collector” issues. For the most [...]

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Aug 03 2011

Why Scouting Collectors Need to Go Electronic

Imagine hoards of your followers circulating through Trade O Rees using their smart devices to track which CSP’s, JSP’s, Flaps, Merit Badges, Patrol Medallions, Books or other items they need.

I can’t quantify the number of copies of collecting guides and trading manuals have been sold to date, but I suspect that by doing some marketing to owners of Kindles, iPads, iPhones, Droid Phones, Sony e-Readers, Nook’s, and other devices, a significantly larger audience than those who just attend Trade O Rees or visit Scout Shops could be reached.

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Jun 09 2011

The Sons of Daniel Boone, The Boy Pioneers and the Women’s Home Companion

Filed under History of Scouting

In this article, I explain how the Women’s Home Companion caused the Sons of Daniel Boone to become the Boy Pioneers, which would shape the future of the Boy Scouts of America.

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Jun 08 2011

Will there ever be another universally adored Scouting Icon?

Filed under Scouting Alumni

Baden-Powell, Daniel Carter Beard, Ernest Thompson Seton, W.D. Boyce, James E. West, “Green Bar” Bill Hillcourt, Dr. E. Urner Goodman. These were Scouting pioneers who were internationally known and, for by and large, universally adored.

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Jun 06 2011

Why Can You Never Find Large Size Vintage Uniforms?

Filed under History of Scouting

People want to know why you can almost always find plenty of smaller old uniforms – even ones dating back as far as the 1920′s with regularity. But what about larger ones? Where are they?

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Dec 07 2010

A Scout is Kind – Boys Life Cautions About Racial Epithets

Filed under History of Scouting

Dago, Wop, Sheeney, Kike, Heinie, Greaser, Spaghetti, Mick, and others that you fellows will doubtless recall. (A Scout is kind.)

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Sep 08 2010

You Think Complaining About the Scout Uniform is New? Think Again.

Filed under History of Scouting

I would not alter the general appearance of the uniform for two reasons: First, we must protect the vested interests of the boys; secondly, it has already become the trademark of the Scout, and therefore, so far as the hat with the dented crown and stiff brim, khaki colored uniform, etc., arc concerned.

I would stick to them, as they have already created a good trade-mark value, if I may use the term.

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Aug 27 2010

Introduction to Scout Fiction

The genre of Scouting fiction became wildly popular with American boys almost immediately after the birth of the BSA in 1910, and was one of the most profitable genres in publishing during the period 1910-1930.

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